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Dry Hire - Rates for Sound equipment hire

For those with some experience with sound systems, we offer dry hire, at the prices outlined below. Hire rate for equipment may vary at peak periods. Some items are currently only available when booked as part of a package with an engineer.

Picture Equipment Description Day rate Week rate
Mackie SRM450 Mackie SRM450 Speakers (each) Multi-role active speaker, suitable for front of house or monitoring. High SPL. Bi-amped 400W RMS power. £27.50 £75
Mackie SRM350 Mackie SRM350 Speakers (each) Multi-role active speaker, smaller and lighter than the SRM450. Medium SPL. Bi-amped 220W RMS power. £27.50 £75
Mackie SRS1500 Mackie SRS1500 (each) Compact high power active sub-woofer, can be used singly or in multiples.  600W RMS power. £38.50 £105
Bose 402 Bose 402 (pair) Very compact sound re-enforcement speaker, ideal for speech or vocal.  Needs either Bose EQ or graphic EQ with hi-pass for best results. £25 £75
d&b C7 d&b speaker systems d&b C7, C6, C4 and Q series available for larger events (not dry hire) POA POA
  Speaker stands Standard 2.2 meter high speaker stands, load up to 30KG. £6 £15
  Speaker poles For use with SRS1500 to mount speakers on top. £6 £15
  Amplifiers   Day Week
Mackie M1400i Mackie M1400i 1400w at 4 ohms bridged mono, 1000w at 8 ohms bridged mono, 500+500w stereo at 4 ohms and 300+300w in stereo at 8 ohms. £25 £75
QSC PL236 QSC PLX1600 Power amp, 2 x 800W into 2 ohms, 2 x 600W into 4 ohms £32 POA
d&b audiotecknic P1200a d&b audiotechnic P1200A Specialist amplifier for use with d&b speaker systems only (not dry hire) POA POA
  Mixing Desks   Day Week
Mackie 1604VLZ Pro Mackie 1604VLZ PRO Highly versitile and portable mixing desk, 16 microphone inputs, 6 aux sends, semi-parametric EQ, top Mackie quality equal to consoles costing thousands of pounds.  Flightcased. £38 £105
Soundcraft spirit studio Soundcraft 24 Studio Soundcraft Spirit Studio 24-8-2. Can be used as a live or recording desk.  EQ influences aux sends. Direct outs from every channel and sub-group. Flightcased (16 channel desk pictured) £50 £150
Allen & Heath GL2800 Allen & Heath GL2000 Superb 24 channel live desk for large events. 6 aux sends, 4 sub groups.  Similar to the popular GL2400. £90 £270
Allen & Heath GL2800 Allen & Heath GL2800 Superb 32 channel live desk for large events. 10 aux sends, 8 sub groups. POA POA
  Microphones   Day Week
Shure SM58 Shure SM58 LC Industry standard vocal microphone £6 £15
Shure Beta 58A Shure Beta 58A Hypercardoid version of SM58 LC, Can provide a higher resistance to feedback in some cases. £7 £21
Shure Beta87a Shure Beta 87A Hypercardoid condenser vocal mic.  Amazing clarity and range.  Very light weight. £10 £30
Shure SM57 Shure SM57 Industry standard instrument mic, for drums / guitar cabs / acoustic instruments £5 £15
Sennheiser MD431 Sennheiser MD431 Probably the best live close vocal mic on the planet!  Also used for broadcast and recording. £13 £39
Beyerdynamic MCE530 Beyerdynamic MCE530 Compact condenser microphone, for instrument, overhead, or distant vocal / choir.  Can be used in pairs for superb stereo recordings. £6 £18
AKG C2000B AGK C2000B Studio condenser, also can be used live with or without shockmount. £7 £21
Sennheiser EW100 system Sennheiser EW100 Radio mic system Robust UHF wireless diversity microphone system, very high quality.  Superb vocal mic capsule. £29 £85
  Microphone stands Straight stands, boom stands, weighted base stands all available. £3 £9
  Outboard   Day Week
Klark Technik DN332 Klark Technik DN332 Hi-end graphic EQ, 2/3rd octave ISO frequency bands. 2 channels, very low noise, ideal for front of house EQ. £40 £120
Klark Technik DN27 Klark Technik DN27 Classic 27 band graphic EQ, so good it's been emulated in recent digital units. Sadly no longer available, replaced by DN300. Ideal for monitor or FOH EQ. £35 £105
Drawmer DL421 Drawmer DL421 Versatile and easy to use compressor & gate. 2 channels, very transparent sound. £23 £65
Alesis Midiverb IV Alesis Midiverb IV Nice sounding revberb / echo / delay unit £15 £45
  Other Other outboard available, contact us with your requirements. POA POA
  Recording   Day Week
HHB 850 CD recorder> HHB CDR850 Recorder Industry standard CD recorder. £38 £105
Korg D16 Korg D16 digital recorder Portable 16 track digital recorder, capable of recording 8 tracks at once. £38 £105
Carillon PC Carillon PC Cubase SX3 Hi-spec Carillon PC with Subase SX3, Waves Platinum plug-ins, 2 x MOTU units giving 16 inputs. POA POA
  Standard CD Player We have a number of standard CD players available £8 £24
  Backline   Day Week
Ashdown C210T Ashdown C210T Bass amp Solid bass amp by Ashdown, utilising 2 x 10 inch drivers.  Built in EQ, limiter etc. £28 £75
Vox AC30 Vox AC-30 Classic valve guitar combo as used by Brian May and many other well known players. £35 £95
Line6 2x12 Line6 Spider II Line6 Spider II, 2x12 guitar amp with built in modeling and effects £30 £90
Drum Kit Other Other backline available including drums, guitars, effects units, etc. POA POA
  Cables   Day Week
  XLR > XLR Neutrik connectors with Van Damme cable.  Normally all required cables are included free of charge with the hire. £1 £3
  20 way multicore 40m 20 way, stage box with EDAC £40 £120
  24 + 8 VDC Multicore VDC 32 way Multicore, 24 sends + 8 returns, 35m £55 £165
  Other Other multicores and cables available POA POA

Delivery and Engineer time

If you require delivery or other services, please refer to the table below for a guide cost.

Service Price
Delivery or collection of small PA or parts thereof, within 50 miles of Bedford (car) £120
Delivery or collection of large PA or lighting system within 50 miles of Bedford (van) £175
Technician to set-up the equipment, per hour £30
Sound engineer for your event, per hour £40

Our prices may vary at peak periods such as bank holidays, Christmas and other busy times. The above prices are guidelines only. For a full quotation please contact us.

We may somtimes ask for up to 50% non-refundable deposit to be paid at time of booking - we'll send you a link so you can pay this by PayPal, with a regular debit or credit card. The balance is then normally received in cash before the event. Other payment methods, for example, cheque in advance, by arrangement. Full terms and conditions available on request.

For conferences or concerts requiring the PA system to remain in place for several days, please let us know your requirements, as considerable savings can be made for multi-day hire or dry hire.


"The team performance was excellent, the mix was first class, and the general ambience of the sound made one feel good to be there... I have received commendations about the superb sound..."
Paul Davis - UKCMA NCM
"Thanks for the incredibly professional sound engineering. I work with a lot of sound engineers and what you put together was as top notch as any I have seen (and heard)."
John Heavens - Independent Recording Artist
"The sound system was brilliant. Justin and his team did a great job." Michael Schonborn - Director, Radio Eden
"We have used many sound companies all over North America and Western Europe and Sound Truth were, by far, the best, the most professional, and the highest quality company we have ever worked with..."
Patrick Dow - Director, Nicky Cruz Ministries
"Speakers boom out a bass line that reverberates through the heart and throat and tickles the eardrums..."
The Guardian

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